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Wild ride up to the victorious finale

FK Mladá Boleslav – Bohemians 1905 3:2 (1:2)

29. 11. 2010 |  

On a cold early Sunday evening, spectators were definitely warmed by football that was performed by all of the participants. The game dashed from one side to another, and it peaked in the first minute of extra time with a victorious goal from a penalty kick. Real drama with a happy ending for Boleslav.


The first half Boleslav players were culpably behind when they twice conceded after breaks, which were executed by their opponent almost like carbon copies.
Already in the 4th minute, Trubila run away along the left line, and his low centre from the goal area behind Miller's back was finished by Hartig - 0:1.

In the ensuing shock the Boleslav players were not able to pass accurately. Nobody in blue and white was able to devise something against the opponent's focused and vigorous defence on the edge of rules. It took almost a half an hour before the players shook off their unsuccessful start.

In the 31st minute, Táborský found Mendy with a pass over the width of the penalty area. With a short fake around an opponent, he prepared to shoot, and with his left, he fired close to the right goalpost where Sňozík jumped too late - 1:1. A minute after equalising, with a looping ball from the right side, Chramosta passed to Kulič in front of the goal, but his shot missed just wide of the right goalpost.
However, the Boleslav defence had not learnt from the way they conceded the first goal.
In the 41st minute, near the side line, M. Nešpor rounded Rolko and his low pass from the left wing found Hartig. Miller managed to partially block his open shot, but could not keep it and the ball rolled to the Boleslav net near the right goalpost for the second time - 1:2.

The second half started with immense Boleslav pressure. For five minutes the game took place around Vršovice's penalty area; however Sňozík was not once called into action. M. Nešpor broke away in the 51st minute when he escaped the defence, but a timely intervention by Miller stopped what should have been an easy goal. The Boleslav players were working hard, but at the same time they were also making mistakes. It looked hopeless for a long time. Opiela's free kick just missed the left goalpost. Vršovice's Trubila chased Kalina, and his centre in front of the goal was intercepted by Rolko.

In the 68th minute, Řezníček's attempt for a centre from the right sideline took goalie Sňozík by surprise and fell behind his back - 2:2. The happiness from tying the score might not have lasted long. In the 69th minute the agile Vršovice attack found an uncovered Kaufman but he fired only centimetres wide of the Boleslav right goalpost.
The draw was not enough for Boleslav players and spectators. A projectile from Fabián's left also missed by centimetres. Rolko kept Boleslav in the game clearing a goal bound effort off the line after a Cissé break away. A clear goal chance was then wasted by Chramosta when, with five minutes before time, he failed to hit the target with his cross-shot. An Opiela bomb from thirty metres then whizzed over the crossbar. After a great centred pass from Řezníček, Chramosta again missed the right goalpost, this time with an open header.

Shortly after the fourth referee signaled that there would be four minutes of added time, Chramosta broke into the Vršovice penalty area where he was brought down by the goalie Sňozík, and the referee ordered a penalty kick. Řezníček stepped up to take the kick, even though in the recent cup penalty kick-off he was the only one from Boleslav's five who did not succeed. However, this time he ferociously smashed his effort to the opposite side of the goalies despairing dive. Řezníček's penalty was the victorious hit - 3:2.
In the remaining time, both Řezníček, who was on a hat trick, and Sedláček failed to convert further chances.

FK Mladá Boleslav Team: Miller - Kalina, Dimitrovski, Rolko, Fabián - Mendy, Procházka (59.  Řezníček), Opiela, Táborský (46.  Sedláček) - Chramosta, Kulič (65.  Toleski).

Bohemians 1905 Team: Sňozík - Jindřišek, Lukáš, Nikl, Daniel Nešpor - Moravec, Držík, Kaufman, Martin Nešpor (73.  Cissé) - Trubila (81.  Bartek), Hartig (45.  Škoda).

Goals: 31.  Mendy, 68. and 90.  Řezníček - 4. and 41.  Hartig

Booking: Řezníček - Martin Nešpor, Jindřišek, Lukáš, Sňozík

Referees: Kocourek - Ubias, Košec

Attendance: 4,318



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