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Boleslav Knocked Out of Europa League after Penalty Shoot-out Lottery

KF Skënderbeu Korce - FK Mladá Boleslav 2:1 (0:1)

09. 08. 2017 |  

Just as they had done in the first leg against Albanian team Skënderbeu Korçë, Mladá Boleslav headed to the changing rooms at half-time at the Elbasan Arena in the lead. However, shortly after the change of ends they conceded from the penalty spot, and seven minutes from time lost their chance of automatic progression to the next round. Their hopes were then definitively buried following defeat in a penalty shoot-out.

Boleslav went into the second leg with four changes to their starting line-up from the first leg a week before in Mladá Boleslav. Pauschek returned from injury at right back. Stronati came in at one of the centre-back positions in place of Čmovš. Fabián was moved from defence to midfield replacing Mareš, and Komlichenko headed the attack as the lone striker, with Mebrahtu sitting on the substitutes' bench and the injured Chramosta staying at home.
Although both teams began the first half cautiously, Boleslav coped better and entirely according to plan. In the opening quarter of an hour, Rada's free kick failed to bear fruit, while at the other end, Nimaga's inaccurate shot also failed to threaten. In the 12th minute, a well-executed Boleslav attack finished with Komlichenko's clean strike, which the goalkeeper Shehi tipped over the bar.
With 18 minutes played, the ball found its way from Matějovský and Přikryl to Fabián, whose cross from the left was driven into the right-hand corner by Jánoš's perfect volley - 0-1.
The second half of the opening 45 minutes saw Boleslav take control of the game, although they were unable to increase their lead. Shortly before the interval, Skënderbeu's players twice threatened. Diviš first tipped Mici's dangerous free kick away from goal, but the assistant referee signalled offside, and when Lilaj sent Vangjeli free on the right wing in the 43rd minute, his cross flew dangerously close to the Boleslav goal, though fortunately finished harmlessly wide.
The players of Skënderbeu Korçë applied pressure early in the second half, with Stronati turning away the first danger from Gavazaj.
In the 55th minute, Mici broke into the box and was brought down by Pauschek. Lilaj confidently converted the resulting penalty for the equalising goal - 1-1.
And that put the wind into the Albanian sails. The crowd, which had been subdued up until that point, came alive, and Skënderbeu's players stepped up a gear in their effort and intent. With 61 minutes gone, Fabián headed Matějovský's free kick just wide, and in the following three minutes, Boleslav then wasted two corner kicks. In the 67th minute, the Albanian defence took the sting out of Rada's shot, leaving Shehi with a simple save. Matějovský's typical through ball in the 73rd minute found Mebrahtu in a good position, but he could only shoot straight at Shehi. Then, in the 78th minute, Mareš seemed almost certain to score, but his shot from an angle hit the post.
Seven minutes from full-time, Muzaka's pass from a seemingly harmless Albanian attack found Plaku, whose shot along the ground took an unlucky deflection off Fleišman towards the near corner, leaving Diviš with no chance of getting to the ball - 2-1.
Since there was no further change to the tight score line in Skënderbeu's favour and the aggregate score was 3-3, extra time followed. Early on, Stronati stopped Plaku at the expense of a corner, and it was Stronati who again averted the danger from another opposition attack in the 95th minute. With 104 minutes on the clock, Muzaka's cross into the Boleslav penalty area was controlled by Plaku, whose shot had Diviš beaten, but Stronati cleared the ball off the line. In the 108th minute, Matějovský's unexpected attempt from over 30 yards out forced Shehi to tip the ball around the left-hand post for a corner. Two minutes later, Shkodra troubled Diviš with a shot from 20 yards out, and in the 117th minute, Da Silva's ball was headed on by Magera to Mebrahtu, whose finish was parried by Shehi. Not even extra time could decide who would go through to the next round, and so a penalty shoot-out followed.

Penalty shoot-out - KF Skënderbeu Korçë 4-2 FK Mladá Boleslav after four penalty kicks each.
In the first round of penalties, Skënderbeu goalkeeper Shehi overcame his opposite number Diviš, while Mareš was also successful against Shehi for Boleslav - 1-1. In the second round, both Skënderbeu's Latifi and Boleslav's Přikryl converted - 2-2. In the third round, Albanian Muzaka found the net, but Rada's attempt hit the crossbar - 3-2. In the fourth round, Lilaj converted for Skënderbeu, but, diving to his left, Shehi deflected Mebrahtu's effort around the post - 4-2.
Dušan Uhrin, General Sporting Manager of FK Mladá Boleslav, was very disgruntled at his team's elimination from the competition: "I see it as a wasted opportunity. It was a very good match. We should have finished it, we had the opportunities. The opposition punished us for bad mistakes. I think we're improving from game to game, but we're still making mistakes. We spoilt this match, which we deservedly led, by giving away a needless penalty. Until that point, the opposition didn't know how to deal with us."

FK Mladá Boleslav: Diviš - Pauschek, Da Silva, Stronati, Fleišman - Jánoš (111. Magera), Rada - Přikryl, Matějovský, Fabián (71. Mareš) - Komličenko (60. Mebrahtu).

KF Skënderbeu Korce: Shehi - Vangjeli, Radaš, Jashanica, Mici - Nimaga, Lilaj, Osmani (80. Plaku) - Gavazaj (74. Muzaka), Adeniyi (68. Shkodra), Latifi.

Goals: 55. Lilaj, 83. Plaku - 18. Jánoš

Yellow cards: Vangjeli - Komličenko, Mareš, Přikryl



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